I decided to maintain my family history on my own site, using the most awesome genealogy site creation program, called The Next Generation of Genealogy Site Building or TNG.  I used Simply Hosting to host my site and those fine folks set up the TNG files for me.

Within an hour of making my TNG purchase (only $30) and arranging my hosting, I was clicking merrily away with my mouse, designing my site like I was a pro at the workings of strange acronyms like CSS and HTML.  I was feeling like a character in a Sophie Kinsella book – no skills but applied for the job anyhow, after all, how hard could it be?  Unlike Sophie’s character’s though, I didn’t hit any snags that would leave me with egg on my face.

I have some tweaking to do,people to fix up, additional photos to add, but for the most part, I’m ready for customers!

Take a moment and have a peek at what I’ve done.  As always, if you have information to share, I’m all ears.