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Back in the mid 1950s, Temple University had a great need for a parking lot and had tried, unsuccessfully, for years to purchase the rundown Monument Cemetery, a once lovely Victorian garden style cemetery.  The Monument Cemetery sat on 15 acres of ground just two miles from City Hall and had 28,000 interments, but had fallen into disrepair from neglect.

Temple, wanting the cemetery for its parking lot, had the city condemn the cemetery, which they did, and Temple got its parking lot.  So what became of the burials, you ask?  I’ll leave you to read the article youself, just click on the link for Monument Cemetery above.

What is sad about this story is what Temple did with some of the tombstones.  It makes you wonder how many other cemeteries have fallen to the same fate and it also helps us genealogists understand why we cannot find some relatives graves.