I was on another genealogists blog when I happened to see a promo for Genlighten.  What is Genlighten?  From their site they describe themselves as, “Our network of research providers can access archives across the US and beyond. They’ll help you find the records, insights and answers you need to move your genealogy research forward.”

They also spotlight a featured provider, which got my attention, since this provider will go to NARA and copy your Civil War Veterans pension file for $50, with a turn around of about 10 days.  After waiting a year for my last file, I’m inclined to think this is a good deal.

So Genlighten seems to be a site you to to for help with your genealogy questions and researchers will help you.  It is free to register, after that I think you’ll pay for services, however, if you end up finding that crack in your brick wall that brings it all down, I think the money would be well spent.  I’ll forgo a Big Mac for that!