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Despite Allen County Public Library being located in Indiana, I thought this would be a good resource to share.  Family and friends moved, a lot, years ago.  That doesn’t mean they didn’t keep in touch.  The family Bible was where important events were recorded for remembering later: births, deaths, marriages, christenings.  It is sad that so few of us do that today – we record events on our cell phones and computers. 

The family bible pages that contain the personal history and information is nicely broken down by family name and if they know where the family lived, that, too, is recorded.  You get to see the actual page from the Bible, so a little deciphering may be needed of the handwriting.  You can also perform a search by name.

That isn’t the only digital information for genealogists at this site, so browse around while you are there.  You may stumble upon a tidbit that ties into your family tree!