Death Indexes is a comprehensive listing of searchable death indexes, listed by state and county.  Some records will be free, while others may be a fee.  There is also information there on searching the Social Security Death Index, or SSDI.

But the most interesting site I found this week has to be Prisoners of the First World War.  Some ten million people, servicemen and civilians, were sent to detention camps during WWI and the goal of this site is to get every record indexed and online, available for searching.  While none of the records contain American servicemen or civilians (yet), they do have records for several European countries.  There is also a YouTube video on the collection and you can turn on subtitles to follow along in English, if you do not understand French.  Considering I’ve been told many times by friends and strangers alike to “pardon my French,” I am thinking some of you won’t need the subtitles. 😉

Happy hunting!