Ancestry has a new batch of records they are offering and from the information I have read, they are the only ones to have this resource.  The newest addition are U.S. Wills and Probate records.

Boasting more than 150 million documents from all 50 states, this collection is only available at Ancestry.  Ancestry recommends that you review their research guide to aide in your hunt for records.  And the records are only available to research on their new site.

I decided to put the records to the test and pick a relative that passed in the early part of 1900, 1916 to be exact.  I know he had a will because I had gone to the courthouse and viewed it.  But after searching for him in the collection, alas, he was not listed.  One thing I did like were the tips Ancestry offered while you are looking at the records.  Clicking on those boxes and reading the tips might help you not overlook something.

I’m sure additional records will be added as time goes on, so don’t become discouraged if you don’t find your relative.