My first post regarding Laurelton Center has been my all time highest ranking post on this blog.  For that reason, I decided to do a follow up and share some new information on Laurelton Center.

In December of 2011, a local publication called December 2011 Millmont Times, ran an article on Laurelton Center and it’s history. It has much information for people seeking to learn more about the institution.

Rustyjaw has some photographic images taken at Laurelton Center after it was closed. Buildings always look eerie when they are abandoned.

There is also a mini movie that I found on YouTube on Laurelton Center.  It is just over ten minutes long and again, this was taken after the center closed.

I would encourage anyone looking for more information on Laurelton Center to visit the Union County Historical Society for more information.

If you were born at Laurelton and adopted out, maybe you could try making a request of the mother’s records and go from there?