Every so often, I research through records online looking for elusive relatives. I also take note of genealogy records and resources that I find worth mentioning here on my blog. Today’s search landed me in Butler County and their local library. The library has an index to over 390,200 newspapers from 1818 to today that focus primarily on deaths and obituaries, however, you might also find citations for marriage licenses, divorces, accidents, court notices and more. The database is located here and information about the database can be found here.

Another database available is the Butler County Poor Farm. The farm opened in 1900 and ended in 1963. They kept a record of everyone sent to the Farm and conducted a census every three months. While the Farm provided a home to primarily Butler County residents, other counties would send people to the farm. You can search Births, Burials and Census and Death records broken down below:

Census A-B C-E F-J K-L M
  N-R S-V W-Z    
Deaths A-B C-D E-G H-J K-L
  M-O P-R S-T U-Z