Family Search is the largest FREE genealogical research site. Many researchers use their search tools to track down relatives. But did you know that their search tool only represents about 30% of their records? I know I didn’t. So how do you find more information if you don’t use the search tool?  Family Search to the rescue! They have put together a video that will help you utilize their website with more efficiency.

And here’s another thing Family Search posts on their YouTube channel – recipe stories! You’ll see a story of the food item, like Rocky Road Fudge and you’ll also get a recipe that may have been handed down for generations.

You can subscribe to their YouTube channel and get notified of new videos that will help you keep on top of tips they post. When you are at YouTube, click subscribeto subscribe to the channel and if you’d like a notification when something new is posted, click on the bell icon by the subscribe button that will appear after you hit subscribe.