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Have you searched the free database at Family Search of Petitions for Naturalization for Pennsylvania’s Eastern district? If not, you might want to have a look and the database is free.  I have family that immigrated in the early 1900s and resided in Philadelphia, so I had a look. I didn’t find my ancestor, but the records that were close had a lot of information on them that would be very helpful should you find your relative.  Information asked for on the petition include :

  • occupation
  • date of birth
  • date of immigration
  • port of arrival
  • name of ship
  • if married and spouse’s name
  • current residence
  • number of children
  • children’s dates of birth
  • where children currently reside

This would be a wonderful find for your genealogy research.  And one thing to remember, keep your search broad to start and work down from there so you don’t exclude records.