If you are like me, you probably think the Independent Order of Odd Fellows faded away over time.  But I’ve recently come to learn they are alive and well and still working to help others.

As many of you probably know, the I.O.O.F ran the Sunbury Orphanage which began operation in 1896.  The children had to have one parent who was a member of the I.O.O.F or the Rebekahs.

I was recently contacted and asked to provide copies of the Bugle Notes (the orphanage’s bulletin publication) that I had purchased on eBay and then scanned and converted to PDFs. The I.O.O.F Lodge in Lewisburg wanted to offer them for download on their website as a piece of history from a bygone era.

I was immediately intrigued by the logo in the header of the page because I had recently seen it but didn’t know what it meant.  I was headstone hunting at a local cemetery, trying to fill photo requests posted on Find A Grave when I came across the logo on a distant relatives headstone:
Reuben Shipe

I found that logo on a few more stones in the cemetery and made a mental note to research it when I got home, and then it slipped my mind. So when I visited the page, I found the logo and the mystery was solved.

If you are interested in the I.O.O.F and what they do today, stop by the site and have a look around. There is also information if you’d like to join this noble organization.