As you all know how comprehensive Ancestry’s database of records is, rivaled only by Family Search, it’s nice to be able to go to one location and find many records to aid in tracing your family roots.  But for some, the monthly fees are a bit high. Family Search is free and a good, solid workaround to Ancestry. But many counties in Pennsylvania offer free online access to their records as well.  Here are just a few of the counties I’ve found that have free access. You’ll have to visit the site to see what they are offering:

These are just a few of the counties here in PA that have access to records. Be warned, some allow you to search their indexes, while actual records are fee-based. I did not include any counties that use Landex for public records access since it is fee based.

Some of these allow you to create a username/password and also offer the option for a guest login.

If you know of some counties that aren’t listed here and offer free searching, please comment and provide the URL.