Searching for family roots is never as easy as it sounds.  Sure, sometimes you find lots of stuff but sooner or later you are going to hit a brick wall.  I’ve been hitting those a lot lately.  That is the reason for this blog.  It is my hope that someone will stumble upon this site, look over my family tree, and contact me and say, “Hey, I think we’re related!”

Might that be YOU?


3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Kerry Richmond said:

    Hi, I came across your web-site because I am a professor at Lycoming College who is conducting research on the State Industrial Home for Women at Muncy and many of the women who were there were eventually transferred to Laurelton Village. Most of the records from Muncy were destroyed a while back and so I am trying to find as much information as possible about it from other sources. I would love to speak to people who either were incarcerated there or had a family member who was incarcerated there between 1920 to 1953. I was wondering if you might post something to see if anyone who looks at your site has any information? Any assistance you could provide would be greatly appreciated.
    Kerry Richmond

    • Hi Kerry – here is a shout our to anyone that subscribes to my blog – if you have a family member that resided at Laurelton Center that is willing to speak to Kerry, please reply to this comment thread. Good luck, Kerry on your research!

  2. Hi,

    Just following up as I didn’t hear back from you, sorry to email you again. I noticed your page myparoots.wordpress.com/2012/06/12/ links to http://www.timeanddate.com from Time and Date. Unfortunately, that site isn’t very accessible for the sight impaired. Would you consider adding a link to a more accessible version like http://www.thetimenow.com which is WCAG 2.0 compatible?

    Also, if you ever want to see how accessible a page is, I recommend wave.webaim.org. It is really helpful.

    Shane Buck

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